My name is Kannika and I am a psychologist, passionate cook and counsellor. I work with children with developmental disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorders and help train families to work with their children. I also counsel people of different age groups with various issues like depression, self esteem issues, relationship issues, etc

I am very passionate about cooking, especially baking and spend hours in the kitchen working out new recipes, practicing traditional recipes and cooking for family and friends. It is a source of never ending joy and is a great stress-buster too….Over the last 2-3 years, I have decided to go the natural way, using more locally sourced produce and using less preservatives and preserved ingredients in my cooking.

In my blogs I will be posting various recipes that I make along with lots of other tit-bits. IMG_20160207_162821240



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  1. Ubaid says:


    I am ubaid. I run a goat farm near chickmagalur. Wanted to know if you are interested in goat milk to make cheese.

    Thanks & regards


    1. kannikaiyengar says:

      Hi Ubaid,
      Great to hear that you run a goat farm near Chickmagalur. At this point I do not make cheese at home from scratch, but if I do start making cheese, I will get in touch with you to make goat’s cheese.



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